Casting Serenity???

Published on 16 September 2023 at 19:23

The character of Serenity from A Fetish of Flesh has become a popular character with readers of the script despite having yet to appear on screen. Tom Lee described her as a cross between Baby from House of 1000 Corses and Ivan from Andrew Copps' The Mutilation Man. She is a sadistic woman who bounces between causing pain to others and causing pain to herself. In one graphic scene from the screenplay, she murders her mother during Sunday mass and crucifies a priest before burning the church to the ground. It's made all the more disturbing when the teenage Serenity explains to the priest his fate, delivering a speech that would give Charles Manson a nightmare or two. "Pray, Father. Pray. Pray all you want. God can't hear you. He abandoned you at the very sight of me," she tells the screaming priest. She continues, "He's a f****** coward. I am the daughter of the darkness, the darkness he cast aside. And that darkness loves me. Wanna know how I know, Father? (As the preacher continues to scream) He's gonna let me watch you f****** burn." This scene paves the way for Serenity's rejection of God, establishes her glee at creating Chaos, and her love for macabre speeches. But as evil as she is, the screenplay shows events of her past that, believe it or not, make us sympathize with her. She becomes an anti-heroine. A character that, regardless of her actions, one cannot help but want to see survive.

In one revealing flashback, we see that, as a child, she witnessed the death of her baby sister at the hands of her mother. The church helped cover up the crime and the priest whom she would dispatch explained that it was the will of God that he sister be taken and her mother not be punished. She believes that, in an attempt to dispose of evidence, the church fed the body to the homeless (This may or may not have happened). This explains why she turned to cannibalism as an adult. As she aged, so too did the specter of her sister. Together, she and the specter (a figment of her own mind) plotted revenge. To burn the living bodies, according to the specter, was to give them a taste of what awaited them in eternity.

No more can be said here without giving too much away. Serenity is one member of a sadistic "family" of killers, all of whom share a love of killing and cannibalism. Only two share blood. The "Family" is based on the idea of the Manson Family, and they very well live up to the hype. Serenity is the only member of that family who will not harm animals or children.

With that being said, Demented Media has potentially cast the role of the younger Serenity.

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