1.  Freddie Meade's Grandfather, Curtis Meade Sr. was in the film Brubaker with Robert Redford.
  2. Freddie Meade was mentored by Tom "Woodstock" Lee, executive producer and actor in Andrew Copp's Cult Classic The Mutilation Man.
  3. Gabrielle Snider does NOT support Donald Trump.
  4. Before releasing A Fetish of Flesh, Freddie Meade and Gabrielle Snider produced their own adult films.
  5. Freddie Meade and Timothy MacDonald took inspiration from classic films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Just Before Dawn, and I Spit On Your Grave when writing A Fetish of Flesh.
  6. Angela Vaughn loves to sing all genres of music.
  7. Angela Vaughn is an aspiring model.
  8. Freddie Meade is a trained professional wrestler. He was a part of the tag team Extreme Element with J.D. Onyx in the Elite Wrestling Alliance.
  9. Timothy MacDonald is a huge supporter of The Avengers Motorcycle Club #supportyourlocalavengers and is an avid biker himself.
  10. Timothy MacDonald was raised just outside of Boston and is a supporter of Tom Brady.
  11. Timothy MacDonald has beaten Cancer Twice.
  12. Freddie Meade and Gabrielle Snider are both Polyamorus.
  13. Timothy MacDonald is a Norse Pagan and Modern Viking and  also a brand ambassador for mad viking beard and mustach #livebytheaxe

Xander Thomas Beck Meade (Freddie Meade's youngest son) as "Baby Jason" at age 2