About Demented Media

"Demented Media will mainly specialize in horror films, though we have several subsidiaries that handle other genres. Originally, the company idea came while we were writing the screenplay for A FETISH OF FLESH, but it was truly little more than an idea. After all, we had no idea what making a film required. We just wanted to see our work on the screen. But after a chance meeting with late director Andrew Copp, we discovered that what we write is not necessarily what will be shot. We didn't want to sell the script for profit. We wanted to sell it to be made. Nothing ruins a writer's self-esteem than selling the work only to discover that the studios decided eighty percent of it needed to be changed. So we started getting an education in the business. We realized that if we want to truly redefine horror films, we need to keep our work out of the hands of the studios that have destroyed it. So after six years, Demented Media is ready to take the world of horror cinema to heights it hasn't seen since the 1970s." - Freddie Meade


Demented Media's company model is to produce films on a small budget, give directors creative freedom, and release films widely through the studio system. They hope to utilize practical effects in most situations to add grit and realism to their films. They plan to implement a strategy to revive techniques that brings a dark and sadistic vision to the horror industry. They plan to stay true to the horror that has thrilled fans for many decades while bringing their own unique story lines and characters. Their talented crew have worked tirelessly to bring this company to life. They promise old school horror, bloody practical effects, and a Grindhouse cinematic look and feel to the projects they produce.