Demented Media (formerly Legacy Entertainment) is a newly revamped independent film production company started by Freddie Meade and Joseph Onyx in 2015 (as Legacy Entertainment), later to be resurrected after a five year hiatus in 2020 by Freddie Meade and Timothy "TJ" MacDonald to exploit current favorable conditions in entertainment and thereby generate outsized returns with minimal risk. As we are an independent production studio, our films will not be the special effect filled spectacles one sees in theaters, but passionate projects that rely on story and talent above all else. By eliminating wasteful techniques and Hollywood standards, by forming strategic partnerships with independent filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers, and using emerging technology, we can deliver studio quality films with budgets of well under that of other firms. We utilize some of today's top software programs to bring our creations to life, and we plan to help others do the same. We do not seek to make millions of dollars from products we don't believe in. Instead, our focus is on filmmakers, actors and actresses, writers and firms that possess the ability to help bring cinema to the forefront of entertainment once again.

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